What is the best hair mask for Damaged Relaxed Hair

First of all I’d like to point out that all relaxed hair is damaged hair, all be it controlled damage. All relaxed hair needs constant moisture application and protein treatments to help it maintain its elasticity and avoid breakage. Here’s a list of excellent protein hair masks for relaxed hair.

Nano Queratina Hair Mask

Best hair mask for relaxed hair This is a hair product from the Dominican Republic which people in the US, UK and Europe have been missing out on. It is packed full of both protein and moisturizing ingredients. It contains hydrolyzed proteins which are extremely important if you need the protein to actually penetrate the hair’s cortex to repair and strengthen it from the inside. Hydrolyzed protein particles are tiny and can penetrate the hair repairing it from the inside and also smoothing out the cuticle. The Nano Queratina protein hair mask is great for chemically processed hair because it also infuses the hair with moisture. It has water as its first ingredient, then cetyl alcohol as its second ingredient. Cetyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol so unlike the drying effect you may associate the word alcohol with, it actually does the opposite. It is deeply moisturizing and fills in even the tiniest of fissures or cracks on the hair thanks to the hydrolysed proteins it contains. It will leave your hair feeling silky soft, smooth and better able to retain moisture because it does such a great job of repairing and sealing the cuticles. Even ladies with straw-like bleached hair have been able to soften their hair with this protein hair mask. We love it because there is no messing about or mixing or follow on steps required. It is a protein moisture balanced hair mask that does the job in one go.

Aphoghee 2 step protein treatment

Although it is not a protein hair mask, Aphoghee is also a super strong reconstructive protein treatment. The problem with ApHogee is that the protein treatment has to be followed up with a moisturizing treatment. Most people who have used this product complain that the moisturizing conditioner, that is the second step, isn’t moisturizing enough, especially after the harsh, hardening protein step. They tend to use their own deep conditioning masks instead of the moisturizer that comes with the 2 step treatment. It is also best to do a patch test with this product as some ladies have complained that using this treatment has altered their natural hair colour.

Babyface Pure Protein Treatment

Like Aphoghee, the Babyface Pure Protein Treatment is not a hair mask, but a very potent baby face pure protein treatmentprotein treatment with hydrolyzed protein. Hydrolyzed protein as mentioned above is the best form of protein for chemically treated hair because it penetrates the hair shaft to repair the hair from within. The slight problem with this treatment is that it comes in such a concentrated form that you have to add it to a moisturizing conditioner in order to use it. This is where it may get tricky. The amount required to be added to the moisturizing deep conditioning treatment depends on the length of your hair. The bottle indicates that if your hair is really long, you should add a capful, and only half a cap for shorter hair. So depending on your interpretation of what you consider to be long hair, you may use too much or too little. Results may also vary because of the deep conditioning treatment you add it to. If the treatment doesn’t have enough moisturizing or softening ingredients to begin with, you may be disappointed with the results. It is one of those treatments where trial and error may be needed to get the best out of the product. When you get it right though it is a brilliant treatment. Users have found that for shoulder length hair only a few drops are required, again this is subjective to the condition your hair is currently in. This amount may not be sufficient if your hair is very porous, unfortunately with this product, success may come down to a lot of experimentation.

If you don’t have time to experiment or would rather not try out different moisturizing treatments to see what works best for you, then the Nano Queratina protein hair mask should be the best option for you.