Top 5 Hair Relaxers for Men

If one were to do a Google search for hair relaxer for men, the results would include a lot of texturising products for men. This is because there aren’t many hair relaxers made specifically for men. Professional hair relaxers, whether they are lye or no lye formulations can be used by both men and women. Most of these hair relaxers have Regular and Super versions, so if you are concerned that your hair is particularly thick or resistant, then you have the option of using the Super version of whatever hair relaxer you use. Here is our list of top five hair relaxers for men who would like to have straight hair.

Didier drogba hair relaxer for men
Didier drogba has his hair permanently straightened using a hair relaxer for men.

The list only includes lye relaxers which must be applied by a professional. They are all designed for professional use and the timing guides on each must be adhered to. The reason we haven’t included no-lye relaxers on the list is because of the disadvantages of using a no-lye relaxer. Hair that is relaxed with no-lye relaxers tends to be more prone to dryness and breakage due to the calcium deposits left on the hair by the no-lye relaxer. No lye relaxers may be gentler on your scalp/skin, but much harsher on the hair.

Because no lye relaxers are gentler on the skin it is very common to assume they are better for your hair. Another common assumption people make is that they are designed for use at home by novices. Absolutely not! All permanent hair straightening processes should be carried out by trained professionals. Remember the change you’ll be making to your hair is permanent, therefore you want to place yourself, or hair in the best hands possible, and in this case it is in the hands of a professional hairdresser.

Top Hair Relaxers for Men

  1. Lisoboe hair relaxers: While these may be branded as hair relaxer for Men in the UK, in the Dominican Republic where they are manufactured, the range is popular among men and women. Particularly with people of a Caucasian or Mixed Race heritage. It has a lot of conditioning agents like Mango butter, Olive Oil and Avocado extracts to protect the hair during the straightening process and prevent any harsh reactions. It is an imported product in the UK so definitely more expensive than other brands you’ll find in the shops but definitely worth it. Hair relaxers are important in humid tropical countries like the Dominican Republic and are formulated to keep your hair soft, smooth and frizz free, factors that brands who make their products for an American or European audience, don’t always take into consideration. Based on feedback from consumers, this is the best hair relaxer for men.
  2. Motions hair relaxer: This is another popular brand of hair relaxer used by professionals even though it isn’t labelled as a hair relaxer for men. Keeping the hair hydrated is a key focus of this brand of hair relaxer. The hair relaxing process weakens the hair and makes hair prone to dryness. This relaxer aims to address this issue with the help of cationic conditioners that lock onto each hair strand to protect and hydrate the hair during straightening.
  3. Optimum Multi Mineral Relaxer: Also available in different strengths, the key focus of this relaxer is to strengthen the hair because the manufacturers recognize how weak relaxed hair can be. While this is a great idea, perhaps it is best to follow up your relaxer treatment with a moisturising hair treatment to condition and give the hair better elasticity so it can withstand breakage.
  4. Silicon Mix Hair Relaxer: Another Dominican cult classic, Silicon Mix relaxers are fortified with Keratin and Silicones. Keratin is hair’s natural protein and while the hair relaxing process breaks down the protein bonds in your hair, the added keratin helps to keep your hair strong, rebuilding your strands of hair where cracks or damage has occurred due to the relaxer process. The silicones in the relaxer give your hair additional shine, and help seal your cuticles which in our opinion make it an excellent option when selecting a hair relaxer for men.
  5. ORS Olive Oil Cream Relaxer: The ORS Olive Oil Cream Relaxer has made our list because it utilises olive oil as a conditioning agent to protect the hair during straightening. Hair relaxers are strong Alkaline chemicals and therefore your hair and skin needs all the protection it can get.