A relaxer treatment will need periodic re-application (best done every 12 weeks although some do it as often as every six weeks) to maintain a consistent appearance. As the hair grows out, the newly grown virgin hair will have the original texture the hair had before any relaxer had been applied. Just like you need to touch up the roots when your hair is coloured, you need to touch up the roots when you use relaxers as well.

All relaxers are alkaline to a certain degree, regardless of the type you use. For this reason, it is smart to neutralize or even slightly acidify the hair after relaxing it. Depending on the type of hair relaxer, the neutralization will usually be done in a hair salon with a special neutralizing shampoo or a neutralizer immediately after the relaxer treatment. In addition to neutralizing the hair, the use of a hair conditioner after a relaxer treatment is very important because the natural oils are stripped away during the relaxing process and need to be replaced. A gentle shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner should be used on freshly relaxed hair and care should be taken in grooming and styling the hair.

It is always best to leave hair relaxing to the professionals! Do not attempt to self-relax your hair at home. The chemicals in hair relaxers are quite unpredictable. Professionals are required to understand the chemistry behind the whole process before they even start learning the practical aspects to applying a relaxer so that they are aware of the risks involved and how to mitigate them.

Hair straightening treatments will weaken the hair. This is the result of breaking the disulfide bonds in the hair, which is necessary to relax the curls. Great care must be taken in the first application and particularly in touch up applications. Overlapping too much onto previously relaxed hair can result in excessive breakage. This is another reason why you should leave this to a professional and experienced hairdresser. It is also the reason why you should wait till you have sufficient regrowth before touching up your roots. If you touch up your roots every six weeks, considering the average rate at which hair grows, you’ll only have 1.5cm of new hair which is not enough hair to avoid overlapping. It is neither worth the savings nor worth the risk of doing irreversible damage to the hair by attempting straightening with a relaxer at home